About Yadgir

Carved out of the southern part of Gulbarga district is the 30th district of Karnataka - Yadgir of Yadgiri habitually called by the locals. The headquartered district is situated about 70km to the south of Gulbarga town, about 500 km to the north of metro Bangalore and about 190 km south west of Hyderabad. When it comes to the tourism, the district got more of historical value. The district is gifted with various spots like forts, temples which still remain the elegant aspects.

About Yadgir

Temples like Mallapur temple, Chaya Bhagavathy temple, Thinthini, Mouneshwar Temple etc still highlight the rein of Yadavas. One should not miss the forts such as Yadgir Fort, Fort of Vanadurga and Fort of Shorapur. All the sceneries of forts are eye catching maintaining its historical and cultural values. Temples are next that raises the cities popularity by attracting devotees irrespective of caste and creed. Narayanpur Dam is another stunning location in the city luring more tourists from all over the state and country.

Around 11 lacs people are settled in this city which is widely spread around 5234 km area and second smallest district in the state. The whole population in the district is settled in approximately 519 villages and 81 Talukas.

Yadgir is blessed with two rivers viz. Krishna and Bhima flowing across the city making it rich in water resource. This makes the city ideal for industry development as well as agricultural development. Recently excavated Uranium deposits have attracted many private and public sectors mainly in the area of defense and electricity.

The administrators of Yadgir has well developed the transport infrastructure of the district. The city is well joined with other metros like Mumbai and Chennai via railway which has its own railway station. The roads and highways are also connected with other major cities in the southern part of the country.
The district authorities also focus on education sector for the overall development of the city.

It has approximately 1000 plus schools including primary and high schools out of which around 450 schools are run by education department of the city. For youth empowerment, the city has around 40 pre university colleges, 6 degree colleges and 1 polytechnic institute. The education level of the city has also entered in ICT sector enhancing e-learning type of methodology. The city also has good number of hospitals building a healthy and disease free population. It has around 6 hospitals, 37 public heath centres, twenty dispensaries and 100 welfare sub-centers.

Due to these facilities and infrastructure, the Karnataka state has targeted it as next industrial hub.

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